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Through its curriculum and production program, students have the opportunity to prepare for a professional career in the theatre or to continue their studies at the graduate level. Our exclusively undergraduate program boasts intensive studies in the disciplines of performance, design and theatre arts as well as a close working relationship with our nationally and internationally recognized faculty.  USF is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST).


Students must first apply for admission and be accepted to the University of South Florida before they can be accepted as a Theatre Major in the School of Theatre and Dance. Students entering into the Theatre program do not need to audition; however students in the theatre performance concentration will need to audition for the upper level acting sequence, and students in the design concentration will need to present a portfolio for acceptance into the upper level design sequence.

Financial Aid

In addition to the possibilities of USF Financial Aid, TheatreUSF offers several scholarship and assistantship opportunities to students who are enrolled as Theatre Majors in the School of Theatre and Dance.

Special Programs

A strong guest artists program exists at TheatreUSF, supported by over 3.8 million dollars in endowments from the British International Theatre Program (BRIT) and Holloway Endowed Chair Fund. Additional endowment support for programming and scholarship is made available through Theatre Honors Program and the rotating Macy's Distinguished Guest Artist Fund.


There is a rich and vibrant student life on USF’s Tampa Campus. In addition to everything USF has to offer, Theatre students are encouraged to find their own artistic expression. Connections with the faculty and other students within the program can lead to new and innovative student productions.


TheatreUSF works to keep the connection going – between the Theatre program and former students, and former students with each other. Participation and support is most welcomed after graduation!
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