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Ying Zhu

Ying Zhu is a dance scholar and professional modern dancer. She holds the Doctor of Philosophy in Critical Dance Studies from the University of California, Riverside and the Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of California, Berkeley. Her scholarly interests converge at the intersection of bodies, space, architecture, and memory. At present, she is working on a book manuscript investigating the construction of collective memory as shaped by the articulations of moving pedestrian bodies that temporarily inhabit and interact with national memorial architecture and sites. She is the editor of “Dancing Spaces” in the 2013 edition of Conversations Across the Field of Dance, published by the Society of Dance History Scholars. As a dancer, Ying worked with Ann Carlson; Maedée Duprès, a founder of London’s X6 Collective; and KC Chun-Manning of Fresh Blood. She also worked with Evolving Doors Dance, a contemporary dance company based in Denver, Colorado. Her interdisciplinary approach to dance research, coupled with her privileging of the pedestrian body within the field of dance studies, informs her work as a producer of dance, where she melds dance with the mediums of theater and visual art, and situates choreography in spaces and environments resisting traditional proscenium structures.

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