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2013 DanceUSF Fall Dance Concert

With original choreography from our talented faculty – this is an evening you won't forget! Join us for an evening of outstanding works of dance. DanceUSF faculty Andrew Carroll, Michael Foley, Bliss Kohlmyer, John Parks, Katurah Robinson, and Andee Scott choreographing.

Check out the awesome piece by Barbara Melendez on the concert!

Nov. 8 - 9 at 8 pm
Nov. 10 at 3 pm
Nov. 14 - 16 at 8 pm

Theatre 1, USF Tampa Campus

The Artifice of Pretense: Discovering the True Trophy,Andrew Carroll
"You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it"- Alan Moore. V for Vendetta

The point of departure for this piece is the struggle to live life as your true self and have the world accept you for who you are, without artifice or masks.

Ode to Limon Opus 2, John Parks
Ode to Limon Opus 2 is a moving piece dedicated to one or my major mentors José Limon.As one of his students at The Julliard School, and later as a member of his dance company, the attributes, skills and knowledge that he shared with me have proved to be a valuable contribution to my growth both as an artist and educator.The movements in this ballet were inspired by José's own works and speak to my experience traveling one night stands through the South in the early 1960s via bus.

Picture in a Frame, Bliss Kohlmyer
Why do we place padlocks on bridges and wear wedding rings and lockets? These material "structures" are metaphors for the everlasting. This work explores permanence, impermanence, and the methods we use to hold onto the elusive everlasting.

In the Absence of Light, Andee Scott
In the Absence of Light is the newest interdisciplinary work by USF faculty member Andee Scott. Building on her earlier choreography investigating the emotional resonance of the intersection of light, movement, and technology, she expands her focus to include the perception of time through interval and simultaneity.

This Is How You Lose Her, Michael Foley
Michael Foley's newest work "This Is How You Lose Her" uses the symptomatic diagnosis of schizophrenia as its departure point for exploring a physical language for the mind/body/spirit as it undergoes the subtle decent into cognitive malfunction (or is it a heightened awareness?).

El Alma Desencadenada(Soul Unchained), Katurah Robinson
This piece and its essence communicate concepts of life on an elevated level. Using the dance as a universal, transcendent language we dance to come out of the trance imposed upon us by those who use our minds to oppress us for the betterment of one rather than the community. Elitist thinking and exclusivity flee. "I" dissolves into "We." And as human beings sharing the experience of community, unity, and humanity, we become vessels of LOVE rather than vehicles of hatred and the inconsiderate self.

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