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TheatreUSF presents Rhinoceros

School of Theatre & Dance presents Rhinoceros by Eugine Ionesco, directed by C. David Frankel. Oct 2-12, USF Theatre 2.

by Eugene Ionesco, Directed by C. David Frankel

Oct 2-4 & Oct 8-11 at 8pm
Oct 5 & 12 at 3pm
Theatre 2, Tampa Campus (View on map

Check out what Courtney Combs, Lifestyle Editor of the USF Oracle has to say!

Rhinoceros makes CBS's top list for Fall!

The play starts in the town square of a small village. Two friends – the eloquent, intellectual, prideful Jean, and the shy, kind-hearted drunkard Berenger – meet up in a coffee house. Instead of talking, Jean becomes furious at Berenger's tardiness and drunken state until a rhinoceros rampages across the square.


The next day, Berenger arrives late for work at the local newspaper office, but the newspaper's receptionist Daisy covers for him. Mrs. Bœuf, the wife of a fellow employee, appears to say that her husband has turned into a rhinoceros and more are filling the streets!


Alarmingly, almost everyone in town has succumbed to rhinoceritis. Daisy and Berenger realize that they are the only humans left. Will they also succumb?


Rhinoceros - a funny, absurd play with a political message for our times.

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