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Dance Scholarships

All declared Dance majors are eligible for scholarship consideration and there is no application process except when noted.

The allocation of scholarships are determined by the Dance Faculty, unless where noted.

Scholarships are determined via the following criteria:

  • Overall contribution to the Dance Program
  • GPA – a minimum 3.0 GPA must be achieved in order to receive a scholarship
  • Talent (Technical, Performance and/or Choreographic)

BRAVO! - Excellence in Performance and Academics

William Hug Endowed Scholarship – Excellence in Choreography

Henry S. Parrish Endowed Scholarship in Dance -- Excellence in Performance

Victoria Catherine Selden Dance Scholarship

Senior BFA students are allowed to apply for this scholarship, which requires a video/written application.

Michelle Vargas Memorial Scholarship in Dance
Awarded to deserving dance major who shows an innate passion for dance and who is in financial need.

WWD Endowed Scholarship – An Incentive Scholarship to Retain Excellent Students

Oscher Scholarship -- Excellence in Choreography

Talent Grant Awards -- Talent, Creativity, Service and Academic Excellence

Summer Study Scholarships
Summer talent grants to support study outside the USF program are available.  These require a proposal submitted to the faculty, due the Monday following Spring Break.  Typically, first-year students are not awarded summer scholarships.

SIEDE Student Endowment Fund – limited matching funds available for scholarship recipients

The John W. Coker Memorial Scholarship - Rotates annually between Art, Music, Theatre and Dance

The Alexandra and William Fyre Endowed Scholarship - Rotates annually between Art, Music, Theatre and Dance

The Hope Rietchlin Memorial Scholarship - Rotates annually between Music, Art, and Dance

The John L. Smith Endowed COTA Scholarship - One award annually, competitive among all COTA students



Students are also encouraged to explore the scholarships awarded by the university.

Please visit for more information.

Other Scholarships Available through the University and the College of The Arts:

•    Siede Scholarship Fund

•    Green and Gold

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