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The BFA in Dance Performance offers professional preparation, which includes extensive study in Studio Technique, Choreographic Studies and Dance Theory. The focus of this degree is the development of dancers who will enter the professional world of dance/arts as performers and choreographers. The philosophy of the Faculty within Dance places equal emphasis on Ballet and Modern Dance and the belief that these techniques are mutually supportive in developing a more well prepared dancer/choreographer for the 21st Century. Although students may request a specific focus in one of these disciplines, it is the expectation that students will maintain continuous study in both as well as in elective dance techniques. In addition to ongoing opportunities in performance in faculty, guest artist and student works, Performance Majors will complete Senior Choreographic Projects to include the creation and performance of Solo and Group Works.

In order to be admitted to the BFA in Dance Performance, students must participate in a selective admissions procedure. In addition to the procedure expected of all dance majors, students seeking admission to the BFA will be evaluated following the completion of the first year. Formal acceptance into the BFA will be based on technical ability, performance qualities, and academic standards.

BFA in Dance Performance Course Requirements

Studio Technique (19-39 modern, 21-41 ballet)*

Students are expected to maintain continuous enrollment in Studio Technique.

Ballet Modern
DAA 2204 Ballet I 4 4
DAA 2104 Modern I44
DAA 3214 Ballet II 6 6
DAA 3108 Modern II 6 6
DAA 3209 Ballet III 6 6
DAA 3109 Modern III 6 6
DAA 4211 Ballet IV
DAA 3294 Ballet Variations
DAA 4110 Modern IV
DAA 3394 World Dance
(*Credit hours vary based on audition placement)

Creative Studio Studies (16)

* Concurrent Enrollment in Dance Technique

DAA 3624  Dance Improvisation 2 2
DAA 3614 Choreography I 2 2
DAA 3615  Choreography II 2 2
DAA 4616  Choreography III 2 2
DAA 4617  Choreography IV 2 2
DAA 3686  Jr. Performance Project * 1 1
DAA 4687  Performance/Repertory (1cr x4) 4 4
DAA 4694  Senior Choreographic Project 1 1

Dance Studies (21)

DAN 2160  Entry Seminar 2 2
DAN 3584  Technical Theatre in Dance 1 2 2
DAN 4434 Movement Analysis 3 3
DAN 3714 Kinesiology 3 3
DAN 4134 Ballet History ** 3 3
DAN 4135 20th Century Dance History ** 3 3
DAE 4340 or 4341 Pedagogy (Pre-K through Elementary or Secondary)  3 3
DAN 4180 Dance Senior Seminar

Total Dance Hours
General Education/FKL Requirements
Dance Electives
Electives outside the major


** Fulfill Exit course requirements






Audition Requirements - Viist the Dance program website for audition information and forms: http:/
To declare a major in dance, a studet must audition into at least the level 1 modern and 1 in ballet.  If placed in fundamentals, the student cannot declare a major.

This is only a worksheet provided to the Student seeking a B.F.A, in Dance Performance.  It is strictly a guideline for catalog review.  Courses and course requirements are subject to change.  IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO READ ALL PERTINENT INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THE USF UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG.

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