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Dance Studio Technique Courses & Descriptions

DAA 2205 Ballet I - Prerequisite: Admission by audition. This is a studio class for students with serious interest in Ballet. Emphasis is on correct alignment of body and a progressive development of positions and barre exercises as well as the application of combinations in centre work using classical Ballet vocabulary (French terms).

DAA 3208 Ballet II - Prerequisite: Admission by placement audition. Positions and barre exercises. Emphasis on correct alignment of the body and the application of simple step combinations in centre work. The use of ballet vocabulary (French terms). Material is covered almost totally as practical work in class with a few outside projects. Concert and performance attendance required. May be repeated.

DAA 3209 Ballet III - Prerequisite: Admission by audition. Continuation of DAA 3208. Intensification of barre exercises for the development of strength and form. Application of phrasing and movement. Material covered as practical work in class of concerts and performances. May be repeated.

DAA 4211 Ballet IV - Prerequisite: Admission by placement audition or CI. Perfecting the execution of barre work. Intensification of centre work. More stress on aesthetic quality of movement and phrasing. Students expected to be proficient in pointe work. Outside projects, concerts, and performances are required. May be repeated.

DAA 3294 Variations - Prerequisite: DAA 3209 This course provides instruction in various forms of ballet. Semester courses include: Pointe technique, Men's Class, Character Dance, Spanish Dance, and Partnering. Ballet majors are required to complete two semester hours. May be repeated.

DAA 2105 Modern I - Prerequisite: Admission by audition. This is a studio class for students with a serious interest in Modern Dance. Emphasis is on correct alignment, development of strength, rhythmic and dynamic activity, as well as spatial and locomotor patterns that underlie work in more advanced contemporary dance.

DAA 3108 Modern II - Prerequisite: Admission by audition. Study of principles of modern dance technique. Practical work in exercises and movement phrases, utilizing changing rhythms and dynamics. Concert and performance attendance required. May be repeated.

DAA 3109 Modern III - Prerequisite:  Admission by audition. Continuation of DAA 3108. Further emphasis on style and phrasing. Work on projecting mood and quality by dancing and rehearsing in more advances choreography, leading to performance. May be repeated.

DAA 4111 Modern IV - Prerequisite:  Admission by audition or by CI. Intensive work on the growth of personal performance styles. Equal emphasis will be given to training the body in the development of technical excellence. May be repeated.

DAA 3394 World Dance - Students will experience fundamental knowledge of dance representing various world cultures. In addition to a dance/movement component, a connection will be made to historical, spiritual/religious, ethnological and environmental indigenous aspects of people involved in dance as a cultural experience.

DAA 2504 Jazz Dance - Prerequisite:  Admission by audition. DAA 2104 or DAA 2204. A technique class for the intermediate level dance to become acquainted with the dance styles and forms of musical theatre and concert jazz dance. Emphasis is on highly stylized movement on a strong rhythmic base. May be repeated.

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