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Creative Dance Studio Study

DAA 3624 Dance Improvisation - For majors and non-majors. Exploring various methods of spontaneously creating dance movement in individual and group situations. Structured and unstructured approaches will be explored. May be repeated.

DAA 3614 Choreography I - Study and execution of basic principles of composition. Preparation of studies in theme and variations, breath phrases and metric phrases. May be repeated.

DAA 3615 Choreography II - Prerequisite: DAA 3614 or CI. Preparation of studies in rhythm, dynamics, form, and motivation. May be repeated.

DAA 4616 Choreography III - Prerequisite: DAA 3615 or CI. Work directed toward duets and group dances. The students will submit choreographic ideas for instructor's approval, then proceed with rehearsals. Lecture/lab, reading. Rehearsal hours to be arranged. May be repeated.

DAA 4617 Choreography IV - Prerequisite: DAA 4616. The student will prepare studies based on free form, minimal art, and chance methods. Lecture/lab, reading. May be repeated.

DAA 3686 Performance - Prerequisite: Admission by audition or CC. Open to all university students proficient in dance techniques and concurrently enrolled in technique. Rehearsal and performance of works presented by the department. May be repeated up to 10 credit hours.

DAA 4694 Senior Choreographic Project - Prerequisite: Senior Dance major, CI, CC. The creation of an original group work and solo within the senior's major concentration - ballet or modern. To be performed and presented with the concurrence of a faculty advisor.

DAA 3654 Repertory I - Prerequisite: Admission by audition or CC. Open to all University students concurrently enrolled in dance technique classes by audition. The development and performance of solo and/or group dances. May be repeated.

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