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The BA in Dance Studies is developed to explore the potential study of dance related to a spectrum of individual interests. It is designed to provide students with a comprehensive core of study in dance (Studio Technique, Creative Studio Studies, Dance Theory) while encouraging the development of an individualized program through a focused study of elective courses. The selection of electives should be designed to provide each student with the maximum value of a liberal arts education within a focused area of study.

A student with additional interest in another field [ie African Studies, Anthropology, Business, Communications, Women’s Studies, Theatre, History, Religious Studies, Psychology, etc.] would complete a focused study in that area along with the core of study in dance. Each student would be required to develop a final Independent Project incorporating dance with his/her focused area of study. These projects will be developed during the Senior year in consultation with a member of the faculty. The individual nature of this program provides students with flexibility in planning a course of study, in the format of the Independent Project, and in the development of career opportunities.

The design of the BA in Dance Studies is intended to be a cooperative degree plan allowing students to complete a Minor in another discipline, or to develop a unique program of study.

BA in Dance Studies Course Requirements

Studio Technique (20)

DAA 3108  Modern II 6
DAA 3208  Ballet II 6
DAA 3109 or 3209  Modern III or Ballet III 6
DAA 3364  World Dance 2

Creative Studio Studies (13)

* Concurrent Enrollment in Dance Technique

DAA 3624  Dance Improvisation 2
DAA 3614  Choreography I 2
DAA 3615  Choreography II 2
DAA 4616  Choreography III 2
DAA 4617  Choreography IV 2
DAA 3686  Jr. Performance Project * 1
DAA 3686  Performance * 1
DAN 4906  Independent Research Project 1

Dance Theory [23]

** Exit Requirement
*** Fine Arts Requirement

DAN 2160  Entry Seminar 2
DAN 3584  Practicum in Dance 1
TPA 2200  Theatrecrafts: Lighting *** 3
DAN 3614 Music for Dance I 2
DAN 3615 Music for Dance II 2
DAN 3714  Kinesiology 3
DAN 4134 Dance History through the 19th Century ** 3
DAN 4135  20th Century Dance History** 3
DAN 4930  Research in Dance 2
DAN 4936  Dance Senior Seminar 2

General Ed. Requirements (36)
Related to Independent Research in consultation with Faculty Advisor
Foreign Language (8-10) 

Focused Electives (15-17)

Exit Requirements (3) (major works / issues)

This is only a worksheet provided to benefit the Student Seeking a BA in Dance Studies.

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