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Dance in Paris Semester Program

About the Dance in Paris Semester Program

Now in its fourth year, the USF Dance in Paris Semester Program is an expansion of the curricular and cultural enrichment opportunities that have already been established through the month-long USF Dance in Paris Summer Program, which celebrates its 13th summer in 2020. The USF Dance in Paris Semester Program (USF/DPSP) is a significant contribution toward providing an immersive study abroad opportunity for dance majors and minors. The USF/DPSP distinguishes USF as the only American university to offer a fully accredited study abroad program of this kind, specifically geared toward American university-age dancers where students will earn academic credits in technique, theory and practice, which contribute directly toward their respective dance degrees. The USF/DPSP is an opportunity for dance majors/minors to expand their historical, cultural and performance-based knowledge through exposure to the rich tradition of dance in the French capital over the course of one semester. The goal of the USF DPSP is to facilitate the edification of the student global artist/scholar through the lens of dance in the city of Paris, and by extension, French society.  The dates for the 2020 USF/DPSP are January 7 – May 5, 2020.

How to Apply

Please note that the application process is two-fold:

1.  Students must first fill out the inquiry application (in the link to the right), providing details on their academic, technical and choreographic experience, as well as their motivation for attending the program. An accompanying letter of recommendation will be mandatory for all candidates applying to the program, although it does not have to be submitted with the inquiry application.  Priority will be given to students in their junior year, along with a demonstration of high academic/creative/technical strength.  The application deadline is September 20th.  Students will be notified of their acceptance to the USF Paris Semester Program on a rolling basis, but all applicants will hear from the program director by October 1st.

2. Once students are accepted into the program, they will be allowed to move on to the second part of the application process through USF Education Abroad. The USF Education Abroad application allows students to begin the formal registration process for the Semester Program, as well as providing non-USF students with a USF e-mail account and payment schedule.

Media and Resources

Students who plan to take part in the Paris Semester program should look through all of the information on these pages, as well as some helpful links to prepare for their Paris experience.
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