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When the founding artistic directors, Hinks and Elaine Shimberg, Lisel and John Gale and Denis Calandra first discussed the idea of the British International Theatre Program (BRIT), little did they anticipate the success it would turn out to be. With the financial assistance of Hinks and Elaine Shimberg, Sir Cameron Mackintosh, Dan Doyle and the State of Florida Matching Grant Program, the BRIT Program has now become an established annual event.

For years The British International Theatre Program has sought out professional directors and choreographers, leading actors in theatre, television and film, voice and speech experts and top rate designers. These artists have brought their knowledge and experience in British classical theatre and contemporary cutting edge theatre to the students at USF in the form of hands on master classes and workshops. From William Shakespeare to Howard Barker, USF students are immersed in the best that British Theatre offers.

A passion for teaching and artistic excellence are the driving forces behind the British International Theatre Program (BRIT Program). Since 1991, USF School of Theatre and Dance has been carefully designing an undergraduate curriculum which integrates guest artists' skills into the everyday activitiy of each Spring semester. At 25 years of age, the film and theatre director Sam Mendes was our youngest teacher; at 90, dramatist Christopher Fry our eldest. As this suggests, British classical theatre is a living force, spanning generations and styles. We are privileged to have our students partake of the classical and contemporary training, and we are eager to work with our British cousins on the continuing development of this marvelous tradition.

Now under the leadership of Director Marc Powers and Associate Director Matthew Gale, the BRIT program strives to bring the best of both classical and contemporary approaches of the British theatre to the students in the USF School of Theatre and Dance and to audiences in Tampa.
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Antigone, by Sophocles
Retold by Pamela Carter

Directed by Eduard Lewis
Playwright: Pamela Carter
Movement Director: Kane Husbands


A Midsummer Night's Dream
by William Shakespeare

Directed by Richard Beecham
Associate Director, Alice Malin


A Tale of Two Cities
by Charles Dickens
Adapted by Mike Poulton

Directed by Eduard Lewis
Movement Director: Jonnie Riordan
Set Design and Costume Co-Design: Ruth Sutcliffe
Original Music Composition: Ben Osborn



Directed by Helen Tennison
Playwright: Kate Kerrow
Sound Design and Composition: Matt Eaton
Video and Projection Design: Eva Auster


Titus Andronicus
by William Shakespeare

Directed by Helen Tennison
Sound Design and Composition: Matt Eaton
Fight Choreography: Philip d'Orleans
Vocal Instruction:  Tim Charrington


Body Stories

Filter Co-Artistic Director / Director: Oliver Dimsdale
Writer: Stephen Brown
Sound Design and Composition: Christopher Branch, Marc Teitler
Choreographer:  Frauke Requardt

Filter Co-Artistic Director / Acting Mentor: Benjamin Roberts

Filter Co-Artistic Director / Show Consultant: Tim Phillips


The Othello Project
by William Shakespeare

Directed by Neil Bettles, Imogen Knight, and Paul Miller
Other Guest Artists: Laurie Dennett, Designer


The Shaughraun
by Dion Boucicault

Directed by Malachi Bogdanov
Other Guest Artists: Bruce French, Designer | Corin Mellinger, Vocal Coach | Marialena Kapotopoulou, Design Asst.


Bobby and the Chimps
by James Phillips

Directed by James Phillips
Other Guest Artists: Neale Birch, Vocal Coach, Director | Louisa Clein, Actor | Alan Lane, Director


The Taming of the Shrew
by William Shakespeare

Directed by Tim Luscombe
Other Guest Artists: Michael Holt, Scenic Designer | Susan Bovell. Voice and Verse Specialist | John Nicholson, Movement Specialist



The Birthday Party
by Harold Pinter

Directed by Marc Powers
Guest Artists: John McEnery, Actor | Tim Woodward, Actor | Jo Cameron Brown, Vocal & Dialect Coach

The BRIT Program also presented
A Pinter Workshop: Revue Sketches


Romeo and Juliet
by William Shakespeare

Directed by Tamara Harvey
Other Guest Artists: Siân Williams, Choreographer | Tim Carroll, Director | Yolanda Vazquez, Voice Coach


The Golden Ass
by Peter Oswald
adapted from Roman author Apuleius

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Directed by Tamara Harvey
Other Guest Artists: Siân Williams, Choreographer | Tim Carroll, Director | Laura Hopkins, Designer

Tamara Harvey and Siân Williams
during rehearsal of The Golden Ass

Laura Hopkins in leading a design lecture


The Tempest
by William Shakespeare

Click here to view photos from performance

Directed by Margarete Forsyth
Other Guest Artists: Mel Churcher, Voice Coach | Julian Forsyth, Actor | Simon Williams, Actor

Julian Forsyth with BRIT student Aisha Duran


'Inferences' Workshop, Selected scenes from Howard Barker's Seven Lears and Gertrude

Directed by Melanie Jessop and Jane Bertish
Other Guest Artists: Sian Phillips, Actor | Brendan O'Hea, Director | Tim Carroll, Director

Jane Bertish working with BRIT students in rehearsal

Putting Across a Song

Sian Phillips working with students during "Putting Across a Song" masterclass.

Tim Carroll with students in BRIT class


The Comedy of Errors
By William Shakespeare

Directed by Matthew Francis
Other Guest Artists: Sir Donald Sinden, Actor | Sheridan Morley, Critic/Director | Keith Baxter, Actor | Stephen Wrentmore, Director

Matthew Francis with BRIT students

Sir Donald Sinden presenting a lecture

Stephen Wrentmore with BRIT students


As You Like It
By William Shakespeare

Directed by Phillip Wilson
Other Guest Artists: Maria Aitken, Actor | Ian Talbot, Actor/Producer/Director | Mel Churcher, Speech/Voice | Rachel Kavanaugh, Director


The Beaux Stratagem By George Farquhar

Directed by Lucy Pitman-Wallace
Other Guest Artists: Heather Davies, Music | Barbara Houseman, Speech/Voice | Maria Aitken, Actor | Elizabeth Seal, Actor

Director Lucy Pittman-Wallace discusses fight choreography with Jeff Norton


Turgenev To Chekhov

Directed by Bill Bryden, C.B.E.
Other Guest Artists: Peter Barlow, Acting Teacher | James Roose-Evans, Director


A Midsummer Night's Dream
By William Shakespeare

Directed by Rachel Kavanaugh
Other Guest Artists: Dominic Hill, Director | Keith Baxter, Actor | Denis Quilley, Actor | James Roose Evans | Peter Barlow


Shakespeare on Tour

Directed by Joe Harmston
Other Guest Artists: Simon Williams, Actor | Richard Clifford, Actor | Patrick Garland, Director | Bill Bryden, C.B.E., Director | Matthew Gale, Manager/Producer

Simon Williams directing a scene with BRIT students


The Winter's Tale
By William Shakespeare

Directed by Edward Hall
Other Guest Artists: David Acton, Actor | Susan Date, Speech/Voice

Edward Hall in rehearsal

BRIT Artist David Acton


Golden Girls
by Louise Page

Directed by Joe Harmston
Other Guest Artists: Peter Barkworth, Acting Teacher | Louise Page, Playwright | Ronald Harwood, Playwright

Playwright Louise Parks lecturing to BRIT guest about Golden Girls

Golden Girls Publicity Photo


Twelfth Night
By William Shakespeare

Directed by Matthew Francis
Other Guest Artists: Leigh Howard, Speech/Voice | Joe Harmston, Director


The Importance of Being Earnest
By Oscar Wilde

Directed by Paul Massie
Guest Artists: Tony Britton, Actor | David Conville, Director | Leigh Howard, Speech/Voice | Matthew Francis, Director | Roger Moss, Actor

Artistic Director John Gale talking with BRIT students


The Boy With a Cart
By Christopher Fry

Directed by Paul Massie
Guest Artists: Christopher Fry, Playwright | Dorothy Tutin, actor | Leigh Howard, Speech/Voice | Peter Rice, Designer | Lord Brian Rix, Actor

Playwright and guest artist Christopher Fry


Much Ado About Nothing
By William Shakespeare

Directed by Denis Calandra and Chris Stanley
Guest Artists: Sam Mendes, Director | Amanda Root, Actor | Patrick Garland, Director/Author


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