School of Theatre & Dance

Honors Students Centerstage! 3 Contemporary European Plays

Summer 2012

Presented by the TheatreUSF Honors Program

Directed by Lauren Allison, Lisa Letterle, Mary Spurlock

Scenic Design: Shannon Dunbar

Costume Design: Shannon Dunbar

Lighting Design: Kristen Geisler Easterling

Sound Design: Anthony J. Vito

Three contemporary plays from Europe collide on the USF TAR 120 stage

Theatre USF Presents Spring 2012 R.U.R

Written by Serbian playwright Neda Radulovic, directed by Theatre Honors student Lisa Letterle.

@ TAR 120, USF

Three women, all friends, all looking at life from different perspectives. A married woman, pretending to be happy with her philandering husband, while underneath desperately wanting a baby. A singleton, who seems to be the life of the party, looking for love in the wrong places. And their unstable friend, probing for what she loves in herself and not finding what she is looking for. All of them wanting to be okay, but searching for something to numb them.
Written by Irish playwright Mark O'Rowe, directed by Theatre Honors student Mary Spurlock.

@ TAR 120, USF

Interwoven stories of soul stealing bargains, fantastical rescues and brave determination. Three stories, told in firsthand accounts by the characters in stunning soliloquy, take place over the course of a single night in Dublin. One man, who is strangled by shyness, resorts to terrible violence. A woman is saved by an unlikely creature. And a former schoolteacher stalks a violent bully through the streets.
Herjólfur Has Stopped Loving
Written by Icelandic playwright Sigtryggur Magnason, directed by Theatre Honors student Lauren Allison.

@ TAR 120, USF

Enter the mind of a man who is coming to grips with the fact that he has stopped loving his wife. Is this reality or fantasy? Is the scandal and violence he commits real or a window into his mind? See the steps Herjolfur takes to reconcile his inability to reconnect to his love.

The USF Theatre Honors Program is a small, select group of upper level theatre students whose skills, academics, and dedication are judged to be excellent enough for admission into this select, full year class.

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