School of Theatre & Dance

Emerging Student Playwrights - Staged Readings

Monday, November 26, 7pm in TAR 120

This event is free and open to the public.  

Directed by William Leavengood

New Playwriting Program expands USF Theatre experience
Challenging and inspiring students is the central mission of the USF College of the Arts, and the motivation for launching the Lily Dishman Playwriting Program in the fall 2014 semester.  This cutting-edge program will help advance the scope and depth of the USF Theatre program through the creation of stimulating new educational experiences for students.

“For more than 50 years, our Theatre program has followed a trajectory on the leading edge of the genre through innovative performances of classical works as well as contemporary works by new playwrights,” said James S. Moy, Dean of USF College of The Arts. “The Lily Dishman Playwriting Program will take this enterprise to a new level by providing future playwrights with comprehensive opportunities for professional experience. Our students will greatly benefit by bringing their own work to life—from concept through final production.”

The Lily Dishman Playwriting Program will begin as a three-year pilot program including four courses per year in playwriting, the production of an annual festival of student-written, 10-minute plays, and providing funding to send selected students to the American College Theatre Festival to participate in playwriting workshops and competitions.

“The opportunity to attend one of the nation’s most esteemed theatre festivals will provide our students with meaningful networking opportunities and academic enrichment as they prepare to launch their own successful careers,” said Moy.  This exciting new program has been made possible by a $105,000 gift from the Lily Foundation through Jane McNeil, in honor of her mother for whom the program is named.  Lily Dishman Bangert was passionate about supporting local artists, about developing her career in real estate, and eventually as an adult student returning to college to pursue her own interest in playwriting. Before she died she had accomplished a goal of copyrighting her first stage play.  And this new program will now help future USF play writers to do the same.

“The Lily Dishman Playwriting Program will stand for more than financial relief,” said daughter Jane McNeil. “It will stand for one of achievement, one of promise, and one of unstoppable potential, just as my Mother would have wanted. She firmly believed in supporting undiscovered talent, and would be thrilled to know she is still happy to make those discoveries happen today.”

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