School of Theatre & Dance


by Sophie Treadwell
Directed by Dora Arreola

Fri, Sept 22 – Sat, Sept 23 and Thurs, Sept 28 – Sat, Sept 30 at 7:30
Sun, Sept 24, Sat, Sept 30, Sun, Oct 1 at 3:00
TAR 120 Studio Theatre, Theatre Center USF Tampa Campus

A woman on the edge
– wanting to break out of the box society has put her into. Stuck in a job she hates, pushed into a marriage by her mother to a man who does not understand her. What do you do when societal pressures become too much? When even an affair cannot alleviate the feeling of living a life that was made for you, and not one you made for yourself? The first show of the TheatreUSF 2017-18 Season, Machinal is a riveting drama based on a true story of such a woman and the extremes to which she goes to be free. A drama inspired by the true story of Ruth Snyder, convicted and sent to the electric chair for murdering her husband.

USF School of Theatre and Dance
The University of South Florida School of Theatre and Dance is committed to facilitating creative and academic artists and scholars though rigorous training in the studio, the classroom, and in performance. Students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty and guest artists brought in by our British International Theatre and Holloway endowment programs. The Musical Theatre program, Theatre Honors year-long intensive, and McNeil pilot playwriting program give students the opportunity to expand their theatrical horizons. Our exclusively undergraduate program boasts intensive studies in the disciplines of performance, design and theatre arts as well as a close working relationship with our nationally and internationally recognized faculty.

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