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TheatreUSF Presents She Kills Monsters

She Kills Monsters
By Qui Nguyen
Directed by Dan Granke
TAR 120 (Theatre Center)

Thurs, March 22 – Sat March 24,
Thurs, March 29 – Fri, March 30
Thurs April 5 - Sat April 7at 7:30
Sun, March 25, Sat March 31 and Sun April 8 at 3:00

Agnes is an average woman with a super-nerd for a sister.  She always thought that eventually she and Tilly would have something to talk about, until Tilly’s life is cut short by a car accident.  But that is not what this show is about.  What it is really about is Agnes, while packing her sister’s room, finds a Dungeons and Dragons module that was created by Tilly.  So she takes it to Chuck, the Dungeon Master, to lead her through the game.  In it, Agnes fights alongside her sister Tilly and Tilly’s band of misfits – a sexy elf, a sassy warrior woman, and an unwilling orc.  Together they battle fanged cheerleaders, exploding fairies and the ultimate Tiamat for Tilly’s lost soul.  

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